Custom Microscope Slides

Do you need microscope slides with a customized well formation or other feature? In addition to round, oval and square wells we can custom design the shape of the wells in any desired pattern such as an octagon and make wells within wells creating sub compartments.

We have made custom barrier slides in a variety of sizes with custom slot openings to eliminate the trapping of air bubbles after applying a coverslip.

We can add your company logo in addition to trademarks within the printed mask all at no additional charge.

If you require custom microscope slides, contact us or fax a sketch of the slides' well diameter, well locations (measured from the edge of the microscope slides' glass edge) and printed mask color and our experienced art department will create and send you a CAD drawing.

Production of your microscope slides will begin once you review and give your final approval.

TEKDON, INC. offers state-of-the-art screen making services specializing and catering to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and laboratory glassware and plastic decorating industries.

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