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At TEKDON, our production facility is state of the art. Production lines are completely automated implementing cleaning stations and digitally controlled printing processes unlike any others for printed microscope slides. All microscope slides are manufactured incorporating computer driven "VISION SYSTEMS". This enables TEKDON to detect imperfections in microscope slides that the human eye may not, allowing for the ultimate in quality control for our customers.

In addition to the visual inspection of the glass, printed mask and well locations, the microscope slides are consistently monitored for hydrophobicity, solvent resistance and wettable well areas. TEKDON does not inventory printed microscope slides. All microscope slides are manufactured as ordered to insure maximum shelf life and glass cleanliness. Depending upon production schedules, printed microscope slides are ready for delivery after QA within 3-4 weeks. If you should require your order sooner, please don't hesitate to ask our customer service personnel. Rush orders are available and we'll see to it that you receive your microscope slides in a timely manner.

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